Your aquarium is overrun with algae and you don't know how to get rid of it? Algae blooms are often caused by a new aquarium or by a problem with your lighting, insufficient water renewal, direct exposure to sunlight, overcrowding or feeding your fish too much.

We are going to give you all the good advice to apply to fight against these invasive algae! First of all, you will have to determine what type of algae you are dealing with.

Filamentous algae

They are green, gray or brown. They can cling to windows, decor or plants. You can easily remove them by hand, or roll them up with a special brush.


- Adjust the brightness of your plants because too much light helps them to proliferate

- Installing fast-growing plants can also slow down this propagation

- Check and if necessary reduce the level of nitrates and phosphates

Bearded algae or brushes

They are well named, they are small tufts of short dark hairs often black or dark gray. In densely populated aquariums, their appearance is due to a strong organic contamination of the water.


- Clean filters if a lot of dirt has accumulated

- Cut off infested leaves at their bases

- Use anti-algae products

- Check and if necessary increase the CO2 content

Blue-green algae

They are slimy and give off a strong odor once they leave the aquarium. They usually appear at the bottom of your aquarium, but can also cling to plants in your aquarium.


- Clean the bottom of your aquarium with an aquarium vacuum

- Cut off infested leaves at their bases

- Intensify water changes to increase the quality of your water

- Check and if necessary reduce the level of nitrates

Green water algae

They are microscopic but they color the water of your aquarium with a greenish color. They proliferate in a few days and can hinder the transparency of the water and therefore reduce the intensity of your lighting which will directly affect the growth of your plants. They are often caused by direct sun exposure on your aquarium.

Solutions :

- Change the water regularly to eliminate dead algae

- Check and if necessary reduce the level of nitrates and phosphates

- You can also use a UV-C water sterilizer

See you soon, Theo