Ordering online is a perfect solution, but it can be difficult to know if you are getting the best price.

Between the time you place an order and when you receive your products, we want you to be assured of being stress free.

We regularly monitor the rates charged to ensure we are the best. Of course, we are working closely with the manufacturers to obtain permission to charge lower prices than expected.

If you find the same product, cheaper, within 30 days after the date of your order, we will refund the difference directly to you by bank transfer.

NO GOOD PURCHASE AT GROWLED. You recover your money.

If you order a product at 100 € and you find the same product at 90 € on another site, simply contact us with the url of this product. We will take care of you to refund the 10 €.
In order to benefit from this offer, you must respect this:

    The price of your product is the one available on your bill
    Not valid for offers or promotions
    Only on the websites and not in the shop
    The product must be in stock is available for purchase
    The price must not be obtained on an auction site (ebay, groupon ...)
    Available only at authorized resellers
    The price obtained is calculated with the shipping costs and without the VAT.