About us - GrowLED - Founded in 2009


GrowLED is the French reference site for any farmer looking for sustainable lighting, quality and performance. LED horticultural lighting, panels, culture boxes, ventilation kits, pots and potting mixes, packs ... Everything is there!

We must know that we carefully select the products we offer. We work first on the reputation of the manufacturer, then we study the quality of the products and finally we use the lighting to ensure its proper operation.

We have been in the LED market for over 8 years and we know very well that there is LED and LED. It is very simple today to buy LED horticultural lighting at a low price, but it is against the primary advantage of LED which is "a long life".

By purchasing on GrowLED, you are sure to keep your lighting in perfect working order for many years. We are the only company with in-house after-sales service. We have the ability to perform micro-welding, baking, etc .. To ensure you a possible repair outside the warranty.

GrowLED is above all :

  • Quality products
  • Customer service at your service
  • Fast, neat and discreet expedition